What if… we all smiled more?

February 12, 2011 by  
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It sounds kind of corny, especially as the snow starts to melt and we’re all feeling a little happier.

But what if we all smiled more?

What affect would this have on our lives? How would it make us feel? More importantly, how would it make other people feel?

Think about this over the next week as you go to church, to school, to work, to the store. What if we all smiled more? How would it affect you, and those around you?

During Ivy Chapel’s recent annual meeting, members of the congregation were invited to write their “What if” thoughts and challenges on paper leaves, which now decorate the Narthex. This post was inspired by one of those anonymous comments. We will be sharing more soon. Please feel free to share your own “What if” challenge in the comments below.

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