Ivy Chapel’s 60th Anniversary!

On May 19 2024, Ivy Chapel celebrated its 60th Anniversary and everyone enjoyed all of the pictures and memorabilia as well as the personal anecdotes of those volunteering at the various stations.

A big thank you also goes our to those who helped plan, organized, and volunteered at stations: Dottie Foster, Linda Lowry, Julie McAllister, Dave Mentzel, Frank Purviance, Diann Sheahan, John Weiland, Pastor Dan Wilson, Sue Wilson, Don Wolff, Dick Volz and the overall organizer– Jo Ann Moody.

If you have more pictures please send them to the office to be uploaded to this page and shared.
If you would like a 60th Anniversary Ivy Chapel T-shirt- we still have a few available in limited sizes-please contact the office for that as well.