About Our Church

Ivy Chapel United Church of Christ is an exceptional community of faith. Many of us have grown to treasure Ivy as our spiritual home, and we pray this community may also take on a central role in your life. We have come to regard this as holy ground where everyone may enter into the joy of knowing Christ. Every community of faith belongs to God. What truly makes this a special congregation is that Ivy Chapel is much more than a gathering place! Above all, we are people seeking to serve God. Ivy Chapel is home to a Christian community of God’s children. The miracle of Christian faith comes alive everywhere God expresses the exceptional love of Jesus Christ through believers who genuinely live in Christ.

Our mission statement

The mission of Ivy Chapel, in covenant partnership with the United Church of Christ is to:

  • provide a community church experience that partners the talents and resources of its clergy, lay leadership and overall membership in order to foster a family-like atmosphere that encourages spiritual growth and the application of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our everyday living.
  • provide a welcoming and caring environment for children, youth and adults in which to worship and experience fellowship, while respecting our diversity and embracing our uniqueness.
  • commit ourselves spiritually, financially and physically to serve God through acts of faith, sharing our resources and extending our support to the St. Louis community and the wider world.

We enter in praise, hope and expectation!
We worship the Lord God, the Source of life and light…
We depart in service and love.
May Jesus Christ be praised.

About Ivy’s role in the United Church of Christ

The United Church of Christ has a unique structure, giving priority to individual congregations rather than an overriding governance.  Ivy Chapel is governed by a Church Council, elected by the members of the congregation. We are a church of the St. Louis Association, Missouri Mid-South Conference of the United Church of Christ.

Want to know more? We’d love to share the story of Ivy with you and talk about how we can be a part of your faith journey. Please email us, or contact our church office at (314) 434-4991 to speak with Rev. Dan Wilson, our pastor.