A major part of Ivy Chapel’s mission statement is to provide a welcoming and caring environment for children, youth and adults. We are very supportive of our youth, recognizing that they are truly the future of our church.

We are currently looking for a Youth Ministry coordinator to help us continue to fulfill our mission to our youth, and to our community. Learn more about the position here.

Ivy Chapel has youth groups for youth first grade through high school. We look forward to when our youth groups can resume monthly activities.

We also look forward to welcoming our young people back into the sanctuary. Our church’s culture is built around having children as important participants in the worship experience, serving as acolytes, lay liturgists, providing special music and writing and leading our annual Youth Sunday worship service.

Our youth also love to help others.  We coordinate several service activities throughout the year.  Our older youth also take part in a Mission Trip each summer. In years past, we have traveled to Tennessee, Wisconsin and even to Honduras.

And while some of our service and fellowship activities are group-specific, much of what we do involves all youth. Our kids love to do things together. It’s a great learning experience for all – and often involves the entire congregation.

For more information about our youth groups, you can email us or leave a message at (314) 434-4991.