Join us on a Lenten Journey

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We hope you will take time this year to pause and reflect with us on the journey toward Easter. We have Lenten resources available for children, teens and adults so everyone can truly understand the importance of this time in the church year.

For the first time, we are also opening several special experiences, usually reserved for our confirmation classes, up to a wider audience.

We hope you will join us in exploring your faith at the following special events:

Lenten “Spirit” journey:

Wed. March 16 (11:00 AM to 12 noon at Ivy Chape UCC) “Preparing for a Spiritual Walk”

Wed. March 23 (11 AM at Mercy Center, 2039 Geyer Road) “Walking the Labyrinth”

Sunday, April 3 (noon at Ivy Chapel UCC) “Bread Baking”

If you are interested in any of the above, please send us an e-mail or call (314) 434-4991.

In addition, following is a schedule of our Lenten and Holy Week services:

Ash Wednesday March 9th – “Sanctuary of Prayer” 6 AM – 5:30 PM

Soup & Bread meal at 6:00 PM

Worship at 7:30 PM

Holy Week Worship at Ivy Chapel UCC:

April 17 Palm Sunday 10 AM Worship

April 21 Maundy Thursday 7:30 PM Worship

April 22 Good Friday 7:30 PM Worship

April 24 Easter Sunrise Worship 6:30 AM

Easter Sunday Worship 10 AM

Journey toward the Miracle of Easter

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From the United Church of Christ…
Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent—a season of self-examination, prayer, fasting and works of love. In many churches, ashes are placed on the forehead as a reminder of mortality.

The word “Lent” is from the Middle English verb meaning “to lengthen.” In the Northern Hemisphere, the season corresponds with the lengthening of days during late winter and early spring.

During Lent, Christians prepare themselves spiritually for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. The season spans 40 days: the number 40 symbolizes spiritual journeys home, corresponding to the 40 days Jesus fasted in the desert in preparation for his ministry and the 40 years Israel journeyed through the wilderness towards the promised land. The traditional color of Lent is purple. During Holy Week, red is sometimes worn to symbolize the blood shed by Jesus for the salvation of humanity. In some traditions, following Maundy Thursday’s service, the sanctuary is stripped of color and ornament as a gesture which may suggest keeping vigil with Christ on the cross and in the tomb.

For more information about the journey toward the Miracle of Easter, and for information about how to make your own journey, visit the United Church of Christ’s Lent website.